The On Your Mark Family

Staff Education and Development

The On Your Mark, Inc. agency provides services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities in our Recreation, Service Coordination, and Community Habilitation programs and throughout our Day Habilitation sites and Residences.  Staff is provided with formal staff training when they first begin their employment at  On Your Mark and throughout the year. On Your Mark recognizes the importance of educating their staff whether it be through formal staff training workshops, hands on training or modeling state of the art instructional methodologies at the actual sites.

We believe in preventative behavior management techniques with a focus on skills training and the use of the curriculum to create the optimum learning environment that supports the unique learning style and needs of our individuals.  Such core instructional strategies from the framework of Applied Behavioral Analysis such as relaxation training, picture rehearsal, picture activity schedules, highly structured learning and environmental modification, task analysis, and various prompting techniques are utilized from current research of best practice within in the field of developmental disabilities.

All progress and learning made by our individuals is supported by data collection such as rubric assessment, task analysis, and other behavioral tracking methods.  Since On Your Mark promotes a philosophy that promotes fitness and wellness, the focus is on providing activities in which the success of our individuals are measured in terms of successful and measurable outcomes.

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