The On Your Mark Family


In operation since 1980, our program has grown in size by providing increased services for a greater number of consumers. In the process our staffing has broadened to meet the needs for a greater program base.
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Board Members

Shaun Roberts, Chairperson
Paula Delfino, Vice Chair

Judge Lizette Colon
Christine DeHart
Robert Meagher
Christopher Paulsen
Susan Perel
Anthony Principato
Lakshmi Rao Sankar


Advisory Board

Judge Edward Korman
Bernardo Pace
Judge Philip Straniere
Kevin Sullivan


John Bilotti, Executive Director
James Allocco, Deputy Executive Director
Joseph DeVivo, Associate Executive Director
Julie Ann Wismer, Chief Financial Officer
Laura Paternostro, Controller
Ira Sklar, Corporate Compliance & Incident Review & Management Officer
Christine Barrafato, Director, Human Resources
Teresa Cirelli, Director, Fundraising & Community Relations

Program Administration

Natalie Barback, Director of Supported Employment (120 Victory Blvd.)
Jennifer Larsen, Director of Day Habilitation (475 Victory Blvd.)
Elizabeth Clerkin, Director, Medicaid Service Coordination
Dr. Joseph Coppolo, Director, Clinical Services
Sybile Waisome, Director, Community Habilitation Services
Joanna Arroyo, Director, DayHab (120 Victory Blvd.)
Mary Giorgio, Director, Therapeutic Recreation
Eileen Cunningham, Director, Family Support Services
Joseph Gori, Director, Employment Initiatives
Jason Harr, Director of Residential Services
Michael Urkonis, Director of Facilities Operations

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