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Medicaid Service Coordination For Children

Child Medicaid Service CoordinationChildren who have intellectual, physical, and/or developmental disabilities and require additional services outside of their school may apply for service coordination. Our Service Coordinators currently provide services to over 200 children and adults. Service Coordination is an important support in the life of a child with a developmental disability and their family. It is designed to support children at home living with their families. The Medicaid Service coordinator will advocate for the child and collaborate with the family to identify and meet individual needs. In order to receive these services, children must have aged out (2.9 years old) of Early Intervention.

Our Qualified and Caring Medicaid Service Coordinators:

  • Offer support for children who live at home, helping them receive the guidance and services they need
  • Help families better understand their child’s disability and possibilities for their future
  • Become partners with parents in advocating for and gaining access to necessary supports and services for children
  • Assist parents in applying for and obtaining Medicaid Waiver Services such as Respite and Recreation, Community Habilitation, and Residential Services

We’re Here To Help!

For more information, please email us or contact Ms. Elizabeth Clerkin, Director of Medicaid Service Coordination at (718) 720-9233 Ext. 5010.