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Adult Community Habilitation Services

Adult Community HabilitationCommunity Habilitation Services are designed to promote independence and community integration by offering skills, training and other habilitation supports in non-certified community settings. We currently serve almost 100 children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Our Community Habilitation Staff:

  • Work with individuals on a one-to-one basis
  • Help individuals achieve the valued outcomes stated in his or her Community Habilitation plan

Examples of Some Valued Outcomes:

  • Teaching daily living skills
  • Teaching individuals how to travel using public transportation
  • Accompanying individuals to various places in the community to access services
  • Promoting independence and individuality among individuals
  • Promoting good health through exercise and nutrition
  • Teaching academic skills, money skills and telling time
  • Teaching individuals shopping skills
  • Teaching individuals how to exercise safety while traveling in the community

We’re Here To Help!

For more information, please email us or contact Ms. Sybile Waisome, Director of Community Habilitation Services at (718) 720-9233 Ext. 5048.