The On Your Mark, Inc. mission is to provide comprehensive services, advocacy and assistance to consumers of On Your Mark, Inc. who have developmental or emotional disabilities so as to enable each individual to develop the skills necessary to attain the highest level of self-esteem, independence, self-direction, productivity and integration into the community as he or she chooses and is personally capable.  On Your Mark, Inc. is committed to carrying out this mission, fulfilling our legal duties and creating a culture of ethical behavior and integrity within our organization that promotes prevention, detection and resolution of conduct that does not conform to our agency principles.  To accomplish this, On Your Mark, Inc. has implemented a Corporate Compliance Plan which addresses employment practices, operations and procedures, quality improvement, confidentiality (HIPAA), billing and documentation.

On Your Mark, Inc. employees, volunteers, consultants, vendors, business associates and contractors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with On Your Mark, Inc. Corporate Compliance Plan which includes a Code of Conduct. Our Corporate Compliance Plan is designed to be compliant with the relevant state and federal regulatory agencies as well as the Federal and State Deficit Reduction Acts and the False Claims Act.

All employees are trained on the “On Your Mark, Inc. Corporate Compliance Program” and are required to report any suspected Medicaid fraud, waste, theft, misuse of resources, or conflicts of interest with outside entities.  Suspected incidents should be reported to the On Your Mark, Inc. Corporate Compliance Officer at (718) 720-9233 ext. 5043. Such reports can also be made anonymously to the On Your mark, Inc Corporate Compliance Hotline: (718) 720-9233 and hit prompt # 6 for further direction.