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Adult Day Habilitation And Vocational Services

Adult Day HabilitationThe Day Habilitation Program assists each participant to learn the skills needed to transition into community living, work and employment. Our Program provides over 120 participants with a wide variety of stimulating activities that enhance their education, recreation, work-employment opportunities, community integration and other essential programs. We also offer a unique Exercise and Wellness program in our State-of-the-Art on site fitness centers. Our goal is to enable each individual, who attends our Program, to develop independence and productivity in order to reach their fullest potential.

To promote this goal, programs are structured to offer an enriched activity and workplace environment. OYM staff create a supportive activity/work site via implementing daily activity schedules, assigning individualized tasks, and adapting the environment when necessary. Using environmental modifications as supports, each individual participates in a program that promotes their success and self esteem.

Specific Programs Include:

  • Consumer Operated Businesses
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Sports Skills Training
  • Computer Instruction
  • Music Instruction
  • Crafts
  • Horticulture
  • Food Preparation
  • Customer Service
  • Maintenance Skills

Adult Day HabilitationOur main locations are at the Daryn Nangano Day Habilitation at 120 Victory Blvd. and the Inclusive Community Center (ICC) at 475 Victory Blvd. on Staten Island. The primary goal of our programs is to facilitate the development of a wide variety of activity and work related skills. Staff teach their participants specific work and related social skills in a variety of settings, including our consumer operated businesses such as the OYM Cafe, OYM Snack Zone , Novel-Tees by On Your Mark and Exceptional Creations Country Store which serve the public. Upcoming business opportunities include a collaborative effort with Posibili-Tees, maintenance and clerical training, and vending machine management.

In addition to our Day Habilitation Program, we also have a Work Readiness program which prepares individuals for Supported Employment. Participants role-play and discuss on the job scenarios, receive travel training to their worksites, and have an opportunity to work in an internship situation in a community environment.

Adult Day HabilitationOnce individuals master the skills in our Work Readiness program, they can move onto new opportunities with our Supported Employment Services. In this program, job coaches assist individuals in fields such as clerical, maintenance, retail, cashier, and food preparation.

On Your Mark also provides a unique Senior Program for individuals 55 and older. Individuals in this program volunteer for community service, as well as plan and organize their own activities to promote wellness, leisure activities, and social relationships. Seniors design their own room within the ICC that includes a flat screen TV to learn about current events, modern furniture, magazine racks, and a coffee area, among other things.

We’re Here To Help!

For more information, please email us or contact Ms. Joanna Arroyo, Director of DayHab (120 Victory) at (718) 815-0768 or Ms. Jennifer Larsen  Director of DayHab ICC (475 Victory) at (718) 720-9411, ext. 5103