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Adult Residential Services

Adult Residential ServicesOn Your Mark currently serves over 100 individuals with a wide range of disabilities in certified residences and over 20 individuals in non-certified apartments and houses, including families whose parents have a developmental disability and their children. Our programs reflect a strong person centered and activity-based model. Residential Services are dedicated to providing superior management, teaching programs, and individualized supports that lead residents to experience high quality lifestyles based upon the following valued outcomes:

  • Independence
  • Community integration
  • Meaningful social relationships
  • Frequency and variety of activity participation
  • Exercise and healthy living practices
  • Social inclusion
  • Empowerment of individuals to make informed choices

We offer three types of residences and support is provided based on an individual’s level of functioning and need. Individuals are encouraged to participate in a very busy and diverse activity schedule with staff assistance. All activities are designed according to the individual’s preferences, strengths and needs to foster independence, community inclusion and an enhanced quality of life.

Adult Residential ServicesWe currently operate 11 Supervised Residential Homes and 3 supervised apartments, which serve over 70 individuals. Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Transportation is provided to and from each individual’s work, day habilitation, and community recreation programs.



Our Supported Apartments offer a more independent living setting, with staff provided on a part-time basis according to an individual’s need. Our apartments are located at two separate sites, and serve over 30 individuals. These individuals learn to self-advocate, live independently, plan their own activities, and travel in the community independently.

We also offer Individual Support Services (ISS) for over 10 individuals who live on their own, and require minimal services. Individuals in this program are often provided with several hours of Community Habilitation Services per week and Medicaid Service Coordination.

Adult Residential ServicesThroughout the year, we organize special events and vacations for the individuals to take part in, such as trips to New Orleans or cruises to the Bahamas and Bermuda. We have also expanded our Residential Leisure and Recreation program for individuals involved in residential services to include participation in the Inclusive Community Center (ICC), offering recreational programming every evening, as well as Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Programs include swimming, crafts, exercise and fitness, sports, music, photography, computers, aquatics, zumba, and yoga. In addition, individuals participate in our Walking for Health program and various 3k and 5k races in Central Park and Prospect Park.

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For more information, please contact Jason Harr, Director of Residential at (718) 720-9233 ext. 5044